What's the best career advice you've ever had?

I popped this up on Twitter and LinkedIn - I’d love to hear your answers too.











“Perception is reality so be careful how you are perceived.” Djuka Selendic

““The man who never made a mistake never made nothing.”
Not grammatically correct, but sound life advice. If you don’t try new things, you will stagnate. If you DO try new things, you will sometimes get something wrong. Learn from your mistakes and move on.” David Dickson

“Be a street fighter! (Think big, start small and start now - Leigh Rathbone)” Alex Morosan

“If you are thinking you can do more capable things,don’t say it.do it.” Ayshwar Amrit

“Master your craft, spread the skill and create a preservable legacy.” Jerry Durant

“Keep your LinkedIn up to date.” Christopher Sterling

“Change demands growth and growth demands change!” Neil Skillen

“If you get up in the morning hating what you do or where you’re doing it…time for change. You have to be happy. It’s the most important thing.” Graeme Hall

“Change is essence. The more comfortable you get with being uncomfortable, more successful you will be. Agile principle - “Welcome changing requirements, even late in development”.” Rajat Budhiraja

“Failure is learning…” Konstantinos Varagiannis

“If you want to know who is solely responsible for your career you need to look at a mirror. Do not expect your company or manager to know or lift a finger. If you want to progress you have to ask, demand and follow through.” Oliver Erlewein

“You can learn a trick but you must want it…” Ben Mulder

“Never stop learning” Kclyn Cabelin

““You’ll never be good at this job until you understand littles law”. Harsh, but fair.” Scott Stevens

“Continue learning…:)” Sreenivas Padileti

“Follow-up” Guillaume Vulliez

“Fake it till you make it :)” Olga Suzuki

“If you are not satisfied with your job, you won’t be good at it.” Marta Woźniak-Semeniuk

“Don’t panic. Fires happen all the time, learn from these moments to perform cooler when there are flames. Panic helps no one.” Kevin Smale

“It is in Google.” Oksana Mironova

“As soon as you stop enjoying your job, start looking for another one.” Frederick Raywell

“Trust is more important than competence” Sayantan Jana

"if you want to learn, always step the next step, one step a time " Hesham Saber

“The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time” Lisa Overall

“Slow down, its just software.” Graeme Phillips

“Stop staring at your monitor and start to interact with your colleagues” Tom Langerhorst

“no one died, meaning however stressed you get or however stressed role you are in, sometimes just take a breath and remember no one died” Rick Gilby

“Knowledge is more powerful than money.” Galatea Nouilati

“Ask for what you want and breathe before reacting” Diane Reddell


Advice from my very first boss: “If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will.” Don’t be shy or modest, if you did something cool, make it known!


‘Not all teams are the same, take time to know your team’ - it sure changed my perspective, at first I was comparing teams when there was nothing to compare