When running the performance test on the system , What are things that need to be checked?

In our case , we have java micro service when we doing the performance we are capturing following

  1. Micro service resource utilization - CPU & Memory

  2. Thread dump

  3. jmap histo for checking heap memory

  4. Transaction status & Micro services error logs

  5. Open file count

  6. Monitoring number of connection between micro service and third party connectivity .

Any other idea about it


Check for β€œlatencies” as well.
and see how you are capturing data into a report which will be easy to read

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Well there are a lot of things to be checked but all depends on context and assignment.

There are also:

  • response times & latency
  • your response time percentiles 95% 99%. ( & overtime)
  • the different types of errors you might get
  • How the firewall behaves
  • Scalability
  • recovery of systems (if you do a recovery test)