Where Do Your Automation Results Alert?

When I was first automating, I was the only tester on the software development team. If my automation passed or failed, the only person really interested in that information was me.

That didn’t scale to my next team though where the entire team wanted to know if any piece of automation failed. They’d do an assessment of it and, if necessary, decide who was best placed to delve into it and work on a fix.

Similar to what @ckenst mentioned on Slack last week in relation to alerts about failures

I put them into a slack channel so we can take action and ping specific people when failures happen.

We had a Slack channel dedicated to notifying relevant team members about failures in automation.

I was wondering, where do your automation results alert? Do you have a dedicated Slack channel or some other alerting system set up? Have you tried multiple setups?

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That is very interesting though I am going to go a bit off topic with my answer. This topic extends beyond sharing automation results, it reminds me of team communication.

In my case, it was writing about what I learn on a daily basis. I originally documented my learning for myself and didn’t even think to share it. Now, I paste it into the Slack channel for my QA team and that creates a feedback loop to accelerate our learning. It wasn’t not automation or testing for me, it was sharing. I encourage people to think here, what could you be sharing?

This links to blog post I read recently too from Journey into Quality (Lesson 1 is: testing by itself doesn’t do shit.). Testing by itself doesn’t do anything, it’s taking action on the results of testing.