Who is responsible for adding unique IDs in your team?

Maria Haris asked during the workshop with @g33klady last week:

Should it be testers job to add the unique Ids if they are not added by the developers? or should we convince developers to write them.

I thought this would be a great topic for discussion here. In your experience, who should/is adding the IDs to your UI?

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Thats a good one. My answer is whoever is equipped to do it. In previous teams, test and dev have paired on the task. Test explaining why they needs the IDs and Dev adding them. In other teams testers had the right skills to do it themselves.

If people need ID’s and are willing to create them. Then fire away


Pretty much this.

Whoever can do it does it. But also making sure to explain to the team why it’s useful is important so as to encourage others to do it and prevent silo-ing.


In an ideal world tests should be written before the UI.

Previous teams I’ve been fortunate to be on we’ve agreed the acceptance criteria for the story and whoever’s on the team picks up a ticket for the new story has to ensure the tests are written first. This is great because it ensures tests are in place but also because the tests drive the design and ensure unique IDs are in place so the readability and maintainability of the tests are made as simple as possible.

I also agree with other responses, who ever has the skills should be able to do it but surely people can talk, explain what it is they are wanting to achieve and as a team skills or not ensure the IDs exist to support the tests?

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