Why write tests in Appium, as opposed to using cloud hosted testing tools such as Sauce Labs or Browser Stack

Hi there, I’m fairly new to the world of mobile automation testing but as I gradually learn more about it, there is one burning question that I have. I have seen a lot of articles about being able to write automated tests for mobile devices using appium…so my mind thinks “great, I’ll add this to the (ever growing!) list to learn about”.

However, I am then stopped in my tracks when I think to myself that it’s already possible for me to test on mobile devices using a cloud based testing tool such as Sauce Labs or Browser Stack. With such a tool I can configure it so that it runs tests against whichever device I want, specific platforms etc.

Playing devils advocate I was just after some advice as to why we’d need to write tests in Appium when we could use the above tools? That said, if we do need both, would they complement each other in some way?

Any help, as always, much appreciated


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Interesting question, I didn’t try the cloud version yet. But in my opinions you write your tests in appium (or other) then using cloud devices you can set a parallel run multidevices (virtual) using same tests you already prepared.