XPath/CSS Selector Challenge

A place I used to work at used to send out weekly XPath writing challenges. I’ve decided to do the same thing on my blog, only to include both CSS Selectors and XPaths.

Each week, I will post a website and a element on that website and ask everyone to write create either a CSS Selector or XPath to locate that element.

For the first week, I chose the button from Day 21 of the 30 days of testing challenge.
Write an XPath or CSS Selector that will allow you to locate and click the button on the following webpage.

Post your answers either here or on my blog. I’ll provide my own answer plus a new challenge next week.


As promised, I’ve launched another XPath/CSS Selector challenge.

Challenge: Setup a locator using XPath or CSS Selector for the Next Output cell in the Generator 6 row of the table


Here we have week 3 of the locator challenge. For this week, we need a locator that can identify the 2nd list On this day list item on the main wikipedia page. Good luck!

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