30 Days of API Testing Day 21: Complete Exercise 3

(Thanh) #21

I used Katalon to do this exercise:

(KMS Nam Nguyen) #22

I use Restlet-Client for this exercise, also applied on my project.

  • Create a Environment Variable to store the value
  • Create a Postman collections and save all request below:
    – GET room request. And save any roomid of any room.
    – POST login. and save the token to env variable
    – POST booking. Using the token and roomid above to get the request

Here is my results

  • Collection:
  • GET method to call against
  • POST call against the booking API to make a booking for the room
    But the status of the request Collection, Gettoken, POST mothod always return 403 Forbidden
    Could you please help to check if I miss any step or the issue come from your API.


(Felipe) #23

I used API Fortress to complete exercise 3. Building upon what I did on exercise 2, I saved the roomid value returned after creating a room as a dynamic variable and include it in a following request to book that room.