30 Days of API Testing Day 21: Complete Exercise 3

I used Katalon to do this exercise:


I use Restlet-Client for this exercise, also applied on my project.

  • Create a Environment Variable to store the value
  • Create a Postman collections and save all request below:
    – GET room request. And save any roomid of any room.
    – POST login. and save the token to env variable
    – POST booking. Using the token and roomid above to get the request

Here is my results

  • Collection:
  • GET method to call against
  • POST call against the booking API to make a booking for the room
    But the status of the request Collection, Gettoken, POST mothod always return 403 Forbidden
    Could you please help to check if I miss any step or the issue come from your API.



I used API Fortress to complete exercise 3. Building upon what I did on exercise 2, I saved the roomid value returned after creating a room as a dynamic variable and include it in a following request to book that room.

I used a mixture of Postman to explore the API and RestAssured to do the code

All of the exercises/tricks are in this list

I used Postman to complete this exercise.

What I learned

  1. 409 CONFLICT
    The request could not be completed due to a conflict with the current state of the target resource. This code is used in situations where the user might be able to resolve the conflict and resubmit the request.

  2. Test data can be generated in Postman Pre-request tab. I used it to generate random date. Otherwise POST request returns 409 code.

When I used pm.globals.set("startDate", startDate);to store generated data, data used in request body did not changefor some reason (e.g Postman always used same key value pair “startDate: 2022-06-19T09:48:26.469Z”). When I used postman.setEnvironmentVariable("startDate", startDate);, Postman used new generated data in each request.

  1. We can run a sequence of requests using collection menu:
  • click 3 dots when collection is selected
  • click Run collection

One thing I did not understand is how I can find out the correct format of Header for post request. It should have token in “Cookie” key, but how would I find it? When I view request in Network tab it does not show cookie after clicking Book button on this page Restful-booker-platform demo .

Request Headers
Content-Type: application/json
Cookie: token=1x3TfVxE9KRhnT5z; token=1x3TfVxE9KRhnT5z
User-Agent: PostmanRuntime/7.29.0

Here is Pre-request script to generate date

// generate random dates

function getRndInteger(min, max) {
  return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min)) + min;

startDate = getRndInteger(10, 20);
endDate = startDate + 2;


startDate = "2022-06-"+ startDate.toString()+"T09:48:26.469Z";
endDate = "2022-06-"+ endDate.toString()+"T09:48:26.469Z";
console.log("startDate: "+startDate);
console.log("endDate: "+endDate);

postman.setEnvironmentVariable("startDate", startDate);
postman.setEnvironmentVariable("endDate", endDate);


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Here is example of the test written usingTavern, YAML and Python. You can find my repository on GitHub.

# test_basics.tavern.yaml
# Saving data from response using external functions

test_name: Saving data from response using external functions ex11
  - name: Validate status code 200

      url: http://www.recipepuppy.com/api/
      method: GET
        i: avocado
        q: kale
        p: 1

        title: "Recipe Puppy"
          function: utils:save_data
          test_ingredients: results[0].ingredients

  - name: Validate saved  data

      url: http://www.recipepuppy.com/api/
      method: GET
        i: avocado
        q: kale
        p: 1

      status_code: 200
          - title: "{test_title}"
            ingredients: "{test_ingredients}"

#In this case, both `{test_title}` and `{test_ingredients}` are available for use
#in later requests
 # utils.py
def save_data(response):
    return Box({"test_title": response.json()["results"][0]["title"]})