30 Days of API Testing Day 16: Complete Exercise 2

(Richard) #1

Welcome to exercise two, for day sixteen of 30 days of API Testing.


Execute some simple API calls using some tools with automated execution capabilities or in code using an API testing framework.


  1. Send a GET and POST request
  2. Gain exposure to many some API testing automation frameworks or tools that support API automation.


Choose an API testing automation framework or tool, some suggestions below:

Complete a GET and POST call on a test API. Many test APIs have been posted for challenge 5. Ensure to include an assertion and see if you can get them to run automatically one after another.


Using https://automationintesting.online created by Mark Winteringham and myself, do the following:

	"username": "admin",
	"password": "password"


Post your experiences with the tools you use below.
If you used a different API post the calls you did so others can try them.

(ashley) #2

doing this slightly early because I skipped a few I’m currently unable to do

I used the snippets from postman to be able to do this,

I’m not sure if I did it completely correctly, I did make my tests fail first to make sure I was on the right lines with them though.

(Duong) #3

I used Katalon Studio to complete this exercise.

(Nagesh) #4

I used PostMan with newman for this exercise.
Below is the screenshot for newman html report.

(Helena) #5

I used Postman for this exercise. Fun and easy to play around with!

(Conor) #6

On postman performed create, get, put, post and delete against http://dummy.restapiexample.com/
Some screenshots below…

(Heather) #7

Wondering if anyone has used the free trial from API Fortress for this exercise?

From the twitterverse

(Duong) #8

I’ve signed up for a trial of API Fortress as bonus challenge but I’m still waiting for approving join request from company :blush:

(Ilya Lychkou) #9

It’s my first experience with Postman&Newman :slightly_smiling_face: Very usefull tools!


(Tu Anh Nguyen - KMS) #10

I use my own framework to complete exercise 2:

  • Send a GET and POST requests
  • Assert responses

(Trang Ta) #11

My exercise 2 is:

  1. GET:


  1. POST OAuth 1.0:


(Thao) #12

The Katalon Studio is easy and powerful. I used it to practice with API. This is the cool tool. I using https://automationintesting.online/room/ to do GET call and verify the response. Then send POST call to https://automationintesting.online/auth/login and verify the token back.

GET method:


POST method:




(Tuan Tran) #13

I use Postman and Katalon for this exercise





(Thanh) #14

I use Katalon to do this exercise:

(KMS Nam Nguyen) #15

Using postman to do this exercise and reference with small path in my project.
Test 1: Get Method to get the value from API
Test 2: Verify the “criteria” value is in returns value
Test 1: Get Method to get the value from API
Test 2: Verify the “token” value is in returns value

(Felipe) #16

I used API Fortress for this. The UI tools, although a bit cluttered in my opinion, are really convenient after you get the hang of it, especially the if/then logic components.


(Felipe) #17

@heather_reid, I did :slight_smile: I left my impressions and a couple screenshots on this post. Overall I found API Fortress to be very neat and was able to write these tests fairly quickly. There was a bit of a learning curve to understand how the GUI interface works though.