30 Days of API Testing Day 19: A useful API testing video

(Tu Anh Nguyen - KMS) #1

30 Days of API Testing Day 19 challenge is: Find and share a useful video about API testing

(Tu Anh Nguyen - KMS) #2

I am considering this is a useful video for those who are new to Postman as well as API testing, it has 5 parts which include sending a request, authorizing a request, writing a test, running a collection and chaining requests.

New to Postman? First 5 things to try

(Heather) #3

For me, the video I’ve chosen links well with the task from Day 2. It also was chosen for a similar reason to the blog post I chose for Day 6, I am a visual learner. This is a very tool focused video but it’s one I enjoyed.

In this video, @alan walks us through “Exploratory Testing of an HTTP REST API with Postman for Response Validation and BurpSuite proxy”. I found the video easy to follow and I liked how I could see all of the screens at the same time. It helped me to follow the video more easily as there weren’t windows popping up and down at various time points.

(Duong) #4

I’m researching about API chaining to do the exercise 3. Below video may be useful for anyone who doesn’t know about API chaining too:

(Helena) #5

I like this video, " How write API Tests with Postman in 3 easy steps":

(duncs) #6

I’m interested in how I can take the next steps with Postman & get smarter with Newman. This video takes you through to running collections with Newman in Jenkins - a mission i’m looking to accomplish!

(Heather) #7

Lots of suggestions on Twitter about this!

API Fortress also have

(Ilya Lychkou) #8

I’d like to share this YT channel about JMETER.

(Trang Ta) #9

I started to learn api testing with katalon by list video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=katalon+api+testing

A useful API testing video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYlnlElZdME because it help me write scripts about HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

(Thao) #10

I’m following this chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTt7pyY-o0eltq14glaG5dg/videos when using Katalon to practice API testing.

(Tuan Tran) #11

When I started using Katalon for API testing. I found this video and it is awesome.


(Thanh) #12

Thanks for useful sharing, especially API Chaining video of @oceannguyen helped me a lot to do exercise 3 with Katalon
I also searched for some videos to try Postman and I found this tutorial to refer

(KMS Nam Nguyen) #13

When I started with fiddler at my project. I learnt this tool at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RguV2NzwshE. This helpful and very basic for a new comers

(Felipe) #14

I watched this video a while ago for a basic introduction to what REST APIs are: REST API concepts and examples - by WebConcepts