30 Days of DevOps Day 11: Advantages of Cloud Technology

Day 11 in 30 Days of DevOps has me pondering quite a bit:

Share one advantage you can see that cloud technology brings to testing.

What one advantage have you chosen and why?

In theory it makes it easier to create test environments. Of course, it depends massively on your code and whether your teams have been coding with this in mind (e.g. no hard-coded variables).

In general, I’ve found gathering hardware metrics (CPU, memory, I/O etc) a lot easier on the Cloud. This is especially useful when performance testing.

EDIT: Just realised I’ve given two advantages when the question asks for one… :innocent:

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“ability to share. allowing folks to collaborate no matter where they are”

The test environment thing is huge. Moving to the cloud and using a platform like Pivotal CF with AWS or similar, and having the build spin up a “preview” test environment for a story branch when it passes - this is amazing. And having the green builds of master auto deploy to test environments. I used to spend so much time 1) fighting someone over one of the available test environments 2) deploying it by hand (even if it only took 10 minutes, that was still 10 minutes x several times per day).

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