30 Days of DevOps Day 2: What DevOps Means to Your Team

The second challenge for 30 Days of DevOps asks us to:

Have a coffee with a member of your team and discuss what ‘DevOps’ means to them.

Given the current climate, it would have to be a virtual coffee but that doesn’t stop us sharing what DevOps means to other people on our team :slight_smile: What did you discover?

I think DevOps is a set of practices designed to make teams more effective in designing, developing and delivering the software but the sad part is DevOps in many orgs became “a thing everybody wants but nobody wants to do” In DevOps world, Everyone involved needs to have a broader and deeper understanding of what they should target. A developer rather than just writing lines of code and commiting needs to understand and implement it, test it, and deploy it, same goes with QA, he is no longer responsible just to make sure the functionality is as expected. He should also validate the user experience of the application is working as expected under real-life conditions and on real devices and networks, When it comes to testing, the problem is that team still think they can do manual tests and still be agile, If you need to test new builds every day and you’re doing manual tests that last two days, you’re in an impossible situation. So when we adopt DevOps there are n number of advantages like Improving Collaboration, speeding up efficiency, Reducing failures and most importantly enhancing the job satisfaction :slight_smile:

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