30 Days of DevOps Day 27: Advice for People Starting in DevOps

One of our final challenges for 30 Days of DevOps is:

Share one piece of advice you would give for someone starting out in a ‘DevOps’ culture.

My piece of advice from the short time I was in a DevOps company is:

You know more than you think you know. All of your skills are transferrable, you can do this.

What advice would you give?

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Build with impugnity, destroy with caution, at least at first. Though until you’ve brought down prod by mistake, you’re still green. Everyone has that story about the time they X. Don’t worry about it. In a proper devops culture, you’re just finding another bug.

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That’s some great advice, thank you for sharing!

My advice is that you can learn this through questions and action. Ask questions to spark interest and start conversations. Action as you have to do something to get a result. Sure that result may cause some downtime, but it’s a learning experience.

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From Twitter I got:

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@wildtests suggested I join their meetup which I was unfortunately unable to do but hopefully Stu can give us some insights :slight_smile:

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An excellent nod to the whole team collaboration