30 Days of DevOps Day 6: Shared Ownership of Systems

On Day 6 of 30 Days of DevOps, we’re looking at shared ownership of systems:

DevOps arose from the need to maintain shared systems. Where do you see shared ownership of systems in your organisation?

Is this information you found easy to access? Did you have to pair with other team members to get the information?

I’m struggling a bit with this at my job. There is lots of logging and monitoring going on but I’ve had trouble putting the puzzle pieces together. @gwendiagram’s talk at MoTrix gave me the idea to try to make a visual model. I ended up making a big mind map showing all the teams who are doing monitoring and logging (and who want to do observability), and all the different tools being used, This helped me have conversations with various people in R&D and Support who are working on this type of thing. I’m still trying to get on top of it but - try making some kind of visual model, it helps a lot!


I love visualisations! They really help me to understand the flow that things take but also all of the places where there are risks, where things can fall down or be tampered with.