30 Days Of Ecommerce Testing Day 15: Payment Methods

name five different payment methods:

  1. pay by credit card
  2. direct debit
  3. paypal
  4. Wechat wallet
  5. Alipay

Ok, let’s try to be diverse:

-> all pre-loaded accounts: Paypal, Air pay, Sky Cash etc.
-> for mobile apps - pay by billing your phone
-> regardless of the ecommerce profile, hard cash (upon delivery) is almost always viable
-> PayU - an integrated online payment system, used in “emerging markets” economies (owned by Naspers about which I write a bit in Day23)
-> more user data - when using Special Offers and Club Cards and More. As the facebooks of this earth convince us, when it’s not costing you anything it means, that you’re the commodity. Sorry, couldn’t help myself from writing that.