30 Days of Ecommerce Testing - Day 15: Payment Methods

Day 15 - https://wp.me/p9EXXo-4i
We’re halfway through!!


Five different online payment methods I found –

  1. Google Wallet and Apple Pay
  2. Credit/ Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX etc.)
  3. Paypal(Have fairly long history and reputation)
  4. Stripe
  5. Amazon Pay

There must be a lot of more options. Some are with popularity towards

  • Individual platforms, e.g.
    • Shopify Payment obviously for Shopify
    • Ping for Trademe in New Zealand my home country
  • Individual countries (e.g. Alipay for China)



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Well, I’m not first, so can I find some payment methods that haven’t been listed?

  1. Venmo - A service of PayPal, but more social. You can pay friends and family, and certain vendors. Looks like this would be great for something like splitting the check for dinner!

  2. Skrill - a PayPal competitor, currently being accepted on Skype and Ebay. Money can be transferred to a pre-paid Skrill Mastercard that you can use anywhere. Cool!

  3. Payoneer - Another possible competitor to PayPal, targeted towards freelancers. It is a peer to peer payment system, and also with a prepaid MasterCard.

  4. Intuit - Allows for users of Quickbooks to accept payments.

  5. ProPay - A payment processing tool also targeted towards small businesses. They will also allow you to take physical cards including EMV(chip) cards if you have a physical store.

Sources used:


There is a very common in Brazil called boleto. It’s basically barcode to pay on an given expiration date.


Here are my payment methods!

  • Paypal
  • Credit / Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Google Wallet and Apple pay
  • Sofort / Ideal
  • Paysafecard
  • Interac

A short answer for this challenge.

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Here are the payment methods I used:

  • Credit cards (of course) :wink:
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Prosodie Gift Cards
  • Klarna

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Not sure how popular it is in other countries, but in India, COD (Cash on Delivery) is one of the most popular methods- of course, there is no payment to be made, but then it gives rise to other scenarios to be tested.

  • Also need to consider whether international cards are accepted or not
  • Also require a check for Prezzy cards

From the Twitterverse:


Ok, let’s try to be diverse:

-> all pre-loaded accounts: Paypal, Air pay, Sky Cash etc.
-> for mobile apps - pay by billing your phone
-> regardless of the ecommerce profile, hard cash (upon delivery) is almost always viable
-> PayU - an integrated online payment system, used in “emerging markets” economies (owned by Naspers about which I write a bit in Day23)
-> more user data - when using Special Offers and Club Cards and More. As the facebooks of this earth convince us, when it’s not costing you anything it means, that you’re the commodity. Sorry, couldn’t help myself from writing that.

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