30 Days of Quality Day 11: Watch Quality Engineering AMA

Day 11 challenge in 30 Days of Quality is:

Watch the AMA on Quality Engineering and join the conversation on The Club

The link to the AMA is

This is available to all Club members :slight_smile:

The discussion to join then is here


I loved this AMA!! Anne Marie is so inspiring.
The difference she states between QA and QC does make total sense.

Something else that caught my attention is what she mentions about people doing the work but not being rewarded. It is hard (from my personal experience) to keep and open mindset about making an extra effort in learning new stuff. In my case being promoted boosted that energy, but does anyone else have something that could work in this case?

About avoiding working on metrics that isolate testing to testers, I totally agree!!! Find your purpose then define a proper metric.

Note for the web page that was going to be launched in 10 mins : :laughing:

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maybe @amcharrett might be able to provide some insight?

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Hi, thanks for your kind words! Over the years, different things have driven me and my learning. Sometimes its been promotion and sometimes its been lack of promotion that has driven me to learn new things. (I resigned one of my first jobs after I failed to get recognition in terms of promotion).

People have also driven me. I’ve worked with some mentors who have inspired me to deepen my learning. I think also to trust yourself. You don’t have to feel like your ‘learning’ all the time. It could be doing nothing is a form of learning! (Learning to trust that the future will be alright for instance).

Sometimes I don’t pick up a book for months, and then its some trashy novel. That’s ok. Our minds are wonderful and work in wonderful ways.

Have fun and be kind to yourself is what I try to do.