30 Days of Quality Day 6: What does Quality mean to your teammates?

On Day 6 in 30 Days of Quality we’re continuing with gathering thoughts from others:

Find out what ‘Quality’ means to your teammates

What suggestions did you get from your team for this?

From Twitter

Here’s an interesting one that I received from a Developer :slight_smile: :
Fundamental part of the whole process (from requirement gathering until the product is delivered to the client) composed by a series of organized, ordered and thorough procedures that aim to guarantee the coherence, efficiency, integrity, and robustness of a product.

Why is it a fundamental part? : you can have the best idea but without a qa process not even the best machines or the best team can guarantee that there will be no failures. Specially because in that process there can be unexpected failures that affect the product at the end.

organized procedures: meaning they were planned and calculated
ordered procedures: there are steps to follow
thorough: to cover most of the steps in the process

coherence: what you aim for at the beginning has to be the same as the result. Understanding that some things may change but keeping the vision.
efficiency: you want your process to be as efficient as possible
integrity: you want to make sure the product is compliant with the established goals.
robustness: you want the product not only to behave the way you mean it when things are expected but also to behave well when things are unexpected.

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