30 Days of Quality Day 2: Blog Post

Well, this is going a bit slow and I wasn’t sure if I can just add the topic for Day 2 but here you go :blush:

I love this blog post from James Bach, Quality is Dead #2: The Quality Creation Myth - Satisfice, Inc.

especially as the words at the end really resonate with me:

" A product is a dynamic arrangement, like a garden that is subject to the elements. A high quality product takes skillful tending and weeding over time. Just like real gardeners, we are not all powerful or all knowing as we grow our crop. We review the conditions and the status of our product as we go. We try to anticipate problems, and we react to solve the problems that occur. We try to understand what our art can and cannot do, and we manage the expectations of our customers accordingly. We know that our product is always subject to decay, and that the tastes of our customers vary. We also know that even the most perfect crop can be spoiled later by a bad chef. Quality, to a significant degree, is out of our hands."


I am subscribed to a multitude of blog sites (provided they have an ATOM/RSS feed) where I get my daily dosis of testing, quality, security and automation knowledge.

A few blogs I really enjoy:

I hope these knowledge resources will help you as much as they helped me.


This is a good find. James is an exceptional writer. This post is particularly good.

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I found this one from Anne Marie Charrett. " Quality is a journey – but do you know your destination?". Which highlights that quality is NOT static


For me it’s one from @tneate


I like these blogs:

Hopefully they’ll be useful for someone else.

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Quality… Of the product of course. Well, not so fast. How about the quality of our work?

Are You Adding Value, Always?

James Bach, Michael Bolten and Cem Kaner always talk about extracting information from stakeholders, PMs and users. So… quality of our relationships?
TDR – Test Driven Relationships


I love this one - was shared in the MOT Slack about a month or two ago:

And this one is another great one by James Bach on Assessing Quality:


Thank you @ahopkins180 :relaxed:

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From Twitter


For Day 2, I wrote a blog post where I discuss the following 2 articles (1 of which has already been shared in this discussion.

Quality is a journey – but do you know your destination? by Anne-Marie Charrett, Maverick Tester
Quality is Dead #1: The Hypothesis by James Bach, Satisfice

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