30 Days of Security Testing Days 16-27 Blog Posts

The folks from WeTest are doing 30 Days of Security Testing for October and November. Continuing on with the blog posts from @ceedubsnz, blogs 16 - 27 are below:

Day 16: Research how to build a tiger box

Day 17: Research a recent hack/security breach

Day 18: Learn about Security Headers

Day 19: Research Script Kiddies and/or packet monkeys

Day 20: Read about DOS/DDOS attacks. Share examples/stories via social media

Days 21 to 26 seem to be missing from the blogroll

Day 27: How could BYOA (bring your own application) play a part in security?

Wow thanks for the mention!

We were trying to get through all of the items before the end of November, but I’m still playing catch up.
The best part about re visiting the MoT 30 Days of Security Testing Challenge was that it prompted discussion in our new Slack group, and helped us theme our meetups (which all proved very popular)

We’re running a survey in the group now to help plan next year, and hope to revisit a few more of the challenges.
Thanks heaps for designing the challenges and making them available to others, they’ve been a massive help over here :slight_smile:

I’ll keep working towards finishing the security challenge and post my stuff here https://mikethetesternz.wordpress.com/category/security-testing/
Still got days: 14, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29 and 30 to go…

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