30 Days of Security Testing

A place to share your blog post on the topics, related articles, or just generally chat about the challenges themselves! How have you progressed this month? Have you learnt new things?


Hi everyone!
Background: before this challange I never did any kind of security testing
All my learnings I collected in my blog. Here is the link to current one: https://testretreat.com/2017/02/20/12of30days-security-testing/

What did you learn? And what will you put on your list for new projects?


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We try it as a shared test group (voluntary) activity. We meet weekly online (DK and PH staff). In the meeting we pick 4-5 items from the list, and dig into that within about an hour. I then write a summary mail to the whole group ~20 people summarizing what we have learn wrt. terms and tools.

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I’m actually keen to hear this, I did a security testing workshop a few years ago and utterly loved it. It was with Bill & Dan and I found it fascinating. Sadly didn’t get much time to use it before my roles changed. Have to go have a read. What has been your favourite challenge so far?

Has it worked well as a group? That’s good of you to write it up so you have the information for future reference. Do you post it in a blog too or just the email? If not you should do a wee round up to share how you’ve gotten on.

[quote=“mcgovernaine, post:5, topic:98”]
you should do a wee round up
[/quote] will do a wee dram when done :wink:

The frame is an online meeting,initially for about 10 people. Usually we are 2-4 people, still enough to do some digging around. Timeboxed. We agree on 3-5 items and take them one by one. Come to think of it, the lean coffe format could be usefull too.

There aren’t really other internal comunication channels besides e-mail :roll_eyes:

Do you have a blog you could post to? Or a shared space? Maybe you just give us a round up here?

@jesper, @mcgovernaine , I would LOVE to greet guest posts on testretreat.com about security challenge.


done :smiley: