How to get started in Security Testing?

(Alex) #1

Hey guys, quite often many testers will claim that they perform some security testing simply because they do some sql injection in their test sessions. Yet security testing in depth is a specialization that is quite large.

For those of you who specialize in security testing, how did you get started? What books or courses helped you? If you helped a team specialize in security testing, how did you do it?

I think the answer to those questions can be very useful to those of us who want to specialize in security testing.


Alex Dillon

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(Stefan) #2

I had a colleague that used two security testing tools on 3-4 projects, one from HP, one from IBM. He knows them very well. So he and everyone else now thinks he’s a security testing expert.

Moral: It depends what your expectations are…or what the market expectations are and how you market yourself…

(Jesper) #3

I would start here

(Heather) #4

I’m a bit late to the party but this might be a good article to explore for anyone interested in this topic