30 Days of Testability Day 14: Watch the Testability Ask Me Anything on the Dojo. Post any additional questions on the club

I watched this video a couple of weeks ago and was amazed by how much new information I learned from it. I wish I’d watched it before starting the 30 days challenge.

I posted the following question on the ‘Ask Me Anything: Testability’ page and had a brilliant response from ‘devtotest’.

Does anyone else have an alternative answer?

"An issue with Testability is its not always seen as a functonal requirement which means it may not be taken seriously and can make it harder for it to be prioritised in planning sessions.

If we broke down testability into its different sections (observability, decomposability, controllability…), how might each section be ‘sold’ to different groups so it is taken more seriously?

For example, how might we explain the advantages of improved Observability to Developers? or, How might we get a product manager to understand the importance of decomposability? … "

I’m wondering if @ash_winter might be able to help you?

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