A Bloggers club

(Doug) #21

Great idea, it’d defo help me with my very sporadic posting habits :slight_smile:

(Lee) #22

Well, I failed in getting a post sorted :frowning:

I think it’s a combination of time and motivation. But I also like writing something of a decent size, which probably doesn’t help.

(Dominic) #23

You’ve got days left yet Lee, publish date is Tuesday!

(Lee) #24

Wasn’t it last Wednesday for our first collective topic?

(Dominic) #25

Nope. Last week was the start of the sprint :slight_smile:

(Paul) #26

Sorry, late to the party on this. Would love to get involved.

(Dominic) #27

Well you’re just in time, we’re about to open the suggestions for the next sprint! :smile:

(Karthik) #28

@dominickua Nice idea!