Reigniting the bloggers Club

It’s been a while since we ran a bloggers Club sprint. I thought there’s no time like the present to reignite the idea :muscle:

To kick things off again, I’d like to suggest that we propose topics that everyone will blog on in this thread until 3rd April. Everyone will then have until 1st May to write a blog post on the winning topic.

Over to you, what topics would you like to suggest?


I’d like to propose

The positivity in community

I think we could all do with a lift and it would be nice to reminisce about positive experiences we’ve had in communities.


I would suggest a topic about gamification and testing

“How games could help building a better tester mindset?”

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Can we queue up “Most embarrassing test project” ?

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Can certainly think about it :slight_smile: Could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean, just so I’m sure I’ve understood it correctly?

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Topic: “Most embarrassing test fails”
Tell us in a blog, about how hard it is to be a test engineer, not every bug you find is in the product sometimes it’s in your approach. Tell us about some test automation project that blew up and what you learned not to do again. Or, tell us about the bug that was in the environment, not in our product code, but it still wasted your whole day. Not necessarily the most grizzly fails, but the ones that made you change your working techniques.


Ahh gotcha! I’ve made a note of that now and should get the next two challenges planned out tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

Not exactly original. But how about “the year in review, and bold predictions for 2021”. Possibly 2 separate topics there actually.

Topic(s) for people to reflect on the year and what stands out to them (good, bad or otherwise). And set out what next year looks like, or hope it looks like.

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Love this suggestion! I’ll get it live today @flynnbops :grin:

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