👑 A new crown means a new logo. How do you test it?

As of today, GOV.UK has a new crown in its logo due to a new King in town. :smile:

Feels like a mammoth task. :open_mouth:

Have you ever tested a logo change?
What was your approach?
What happened?


We had one recently, and it’s probably the second time I have seen this. It’s always the same. Only worry about the 80/20 rule. Make sure the new crown appears in 80% of the places it should. That will effectively cover 90% or better of the places people will often look for it. Wording changes likewise, get clarity on wording variations on day one, but only go for the main and highly visible places again.

And then you have the whole next year to slowly raise tickets for and update the remaining 20% of the places and laugh at how silly it all was in your head to assume that 100% was the goal. Because lets face it, that last mile is often very organic anyway.


Search image with Google, or something similar?


No experience with it myself, but one thing that springs to mind is accessibility; e.g. will the logo still be visible for people with visual impairments, and have to use different contrast modes in their browser.

On another note, wondering how quickly scammers will adopt the logo change :eyes:


Logo or any other image, in the end, everyone forget about caching!

Typical scenario:

  1. we’ve changed the logo
  2. pushed the changes
  3. we don’t see the change on the website!
  4. triple checked that everything’s correct
  5. still no changes!!
  6. Ah damn, it’s that pesky browser/server/whichever cache again…


Haha good one :rofl:This is first time I see the actual logo (not UK resident) and my first thought was… is this Christiano Ronaldo?!



Hey that must be why the NI Number linking process doesn’t work :smiley:

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Brilliant! :star_struck:

Ooh, now here’s another question.

How would Christiano Rolando test a logo change?

< insert lots of football metaphors >


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5 clubs and 1 national team, so I guess that actually makes him far more qualified than many of us in the room actually. Sock colour even matters I assume.


Not sure I understand this approach. Won’t this only search against what’s been indexed by Google after a certain period? Care to expand on this approach Rosie? :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess it’s a Test in Production kinda test :blush:

Or is there an image search tool that replicates that functionality?


Rosie’s idea made 100% sense to me. It would give you a count of places to change if it is constrained to just the product web domains - which in itself is an interesting part of scoping the logo change exercise to only resources you care about and discovering any resources the logo leaked into. Furthermore the image reverse search would also give you hard data on what a 100% coverage metric will look like.


Testing a logo is indeed an important task to ensure brand consistency and user recognition.

Here’s how you might approach testing a logo change:

  • Review the design - its elements, color, overall aesthetics.

  • Verify Brand guidelines- ensure new logo aligns with the guidelines like fonts.

  • Test Across Platforms - various devices correctly & maintain its integrity.

  • Scalibility - across diff sizes, from large banners to small icons, if it remains recognizable.

  • Cultural sensitivities - if used internationally, consider for diff regions.

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