A software tester is

If you could define who a software tester is, how would you describe them?


Software testers are explorers and problem solvers at heart. They are skilled professionals who are trained to understand unavoidable complexity that comes alongside software development.


A tester is a Swiss army knife!


A person who’s studying the social relationships between people and software.


A software tester is a professional role in software development that aims to provide information related to the risks of “what could go wrong in this thing we’re building”. They come in many flavours, as different software development has different risks and testing needs, with some commonalities around reporting and analysis.

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A role in the software development process who evaluates software to ensure it meets the requirements and functions correctly without issues.

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A software tester is a concern and celebration specialist who reveals information about products, processes and people.

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A software tester is a very first customer of the software/product.


The person on the team whose role is to always be thinking ‘what if?’, ‘what would happen?’ and ‘what could go wrong?’ - and to find out and communicate the answers

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Like the headlights of your vehicle or car


Patient, very patient


who sacrificed his night so that you could enjoy the software in the day… :slightly_smiling_face: :melting_face:

Someone who understands the project and requirements enough to act as the voice of the customer/user in the team. If it doesn’t meet the expectations of the software tester/qa person, will it meet the customer/user expectations?
And when thinking about said custom/user, the software tester/qa is thinking about all personas and experience levels.

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