If you could describe yourself as a type of tester, what type of tester would you be?

@simon_tomes might call himself The Explorer, due to his past activities with creating testing things around exploratory testing.

The Pioneer might be a tester who is forward thinking.

How would you describe yourself? Or a part of yourself?


I am manual tester and i am more keen on doing manual testing. However i’m trying to increase my skills in automation testing by using Selenium, Postman and Cypress.



Great question Rosie, spent a fun 10 minutes or so thinking about this and came up with a few options. Testers are never just one thing but here goes.
The Accessibility Advocate (that’s what I normally describe myself as)
The Empath
The Incredible Sulk (sometimes)
Captain Testable
The Compassionate Tester
Poetic Tester (I toyed with having that as ‘my brand’ once upon a time)


Love these!

My faves are:

  • The Accessibility Adovate
  • The Incredible Sulk
  • The Empath

Many years ago when working at a Large Maker of Software, I shared an office with another tester on the same project as I. She was a very meticulous tester. Test casing and management software was pre-infancy and she used Office tools to create a very meticulous set of tests. For each new build she would carefully go through each case and would log defects.

I on the other hand would launch the app and start logging my work and filing defect after defect within minutes of getting the build up and running. We now call this “Exploratory Testing” But then my office mate called it “instinctive testing” In later years as I disected this habit of mine what I realized was that I became deeply embedded in the role of “the consumer”. I would become invested in the applications as a user, a service, an operator or any other conumer of the application would be and this would help me find the areas where I suspected that defects existed. As I grew in experience and technical know-how that combined with the instincts to be able to target where I would apply my testing and how I would (tooling, strategies, etc) apply it to shake loose defects. Nowadays I bundle all that together to insert myself in the earliest discussions of design, implementation and feature scoping to “ask the dumb questions” that promote avoiding defects altogether.

So I guess you could say Im an “Evolving Tester”


Hiya Rosie, that is an awesome question!

I’d say I’m an old-school tester, relying on my brain, instinct and experience and less on tools. Making up a word, I’d go with ‘Texperience tester’ :slight_smile: :grin:



I would say I would be the explorer as well. I enjoy exploratory testing. Also enjoy things related to UserInterface, front end testing. Learning about automation as well

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The Explorer sometimes.

Most of the time, I’d be the Serendipitous Accident. I swear my biggest talent as a tester is stumbling into problems because I just don’t think the same way as normal people.


Maybe “stumbling” is a fun word to focus on. :thinking:

@rosie @katepaulk

How about?

The Stumbler


I’d like to think of myself as a “Scientist”.

I see test cases as an experiment to verify a hypothesis (feature).
I also like to document setup/test knowledge for future reference (writing paper).

Even when it comes to automation, I see it as a way to get repeatable results to verify the hypothesis.

After all, I have a combined major in Physics and Comp Sci :upside_down_face:


stumbling into problems

Honestly, that’s an innate talent that is hard to replicate/teach.


Yeah, I know it’s a talent and not easy to replicate or teach. It’s still a big part of how I test. :slight_smile:


The opening of the What If series says it more than well for me. It even sums up my view of the software universe :slight_smile:
“Time. Space. Reality. It’s more than a linear path. It’s a prism of endless possibility, where a single choice can branch out into infinite realities, creating alternate worlds from the ones you know. I am the Watcher. I am your guide through these vast new realities. Follow me and ponder the question… “What if?””


Perhaps this:

The What Ifer

or maybe:

The Ponderer

Although this sounds very cool.

The Watcher

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So many great comments.

I don’t really have that one test specialty. Manual testing, automation, security, accessibility, … What ever is needed I’ll do it. If I don’t know how I’ll give myself a crash course. So maybe: The Chameleon?
I also make the impossible possible, people come to me with their software questions and I bring sweets to the office. The Witch?

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I love The Watcher, there’s something a bit mysterious about it too. :smiley:


I’m a problem scout. I’m looking for any problems which threaten the value for the customers. Not only problems in the binary itself, but also specifications, people relations and culture.
Supported by tools to different degrees.

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Hows about The Witch Chameleon? :woman_mage::lizard:

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