Acessibility Testing hands-on activities

I’m putting together a hands on activity for a meetup around accessibility testing and wanted to know what was out there!

I like the idea of people using maybe some of the accessibility features on their phone (saves them lugging a laptop to a meetup, plus all phones have them built in, nothing to download). Maybe choose an app to explore using accessibility, with some cheat sheets for basic useage instructions like double tap to open an app etc

What do people think? Anyone ran or taken part in anything like this?

We got this cheat sheet from Digital Scotland from our last Edinburgh meetup.
May be useful for guiding the audience if you have a target site in mind.

a11y-handout.pdf (85.8 KB)


Hi Gem!

Webaim has this checklist that highlights the new 2.1 more mobile-focused guidelines. Maybe you can use it to create your own cheat sheet. Orientation, text resizing, messages announced to screen readers etc.

Sounds like a great idea, let us know when and where :smile: