TestBash Mobile 2022 - Testing for (and Resolving) Mobile Accessibility Issues with Kim Arnett

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

About the talk :mega:

In 2020, a global pandemic forced everyone to change their habits in acquiring products, lifelines and staying in touch with friends and family.

With the challenges stay-at-home orders presented, a light shined on the absolute necessity to create accessible technology.

The challenge for app developers became “how can you weave accessibility into your user experience when it wasn’t a consideration from the start?”.

How do you know where to go when your experiences and knowledge in accessibility are limited?

Together let’s take a look at some tools and best practices to help you make progress on your accessibility journey.


  • Actionable steps to start fixing (then preventing) issues within your applications accessibility
  • Focus on iOS and Android

About Kim! :female_detective: :bug: :iphone:

Kim is the Mobile Team Lead at Deque with a background in iOS development. She cares about diversity, inclusion, accessibility and making tech a better home for all. In her spare time she collects plants and dogs, and enjoys activities in nature such as hiking and kayaking.

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Live answered

  • Paul Fitzsimmons: There seems to be lots of tools that can run accessibility audits on web but none that I can find specifically for apps. Any recommendations?
  • Veronica Teich: When using TalkBack/VoiceOver during test, how to not get distracted by the visual information and make sure that it is usable with only TalkBack/VoiceOver?
  • Doug Ozdarski: Years ago when I was involved with Accessibility testing, iOS VoiceOver was far superior to Android’s TalkBack. Has TalkBack caught up?
  • Karen Todd: What is it that specifically calls you to mobile accessibility? Your experience as an iOS engineer?
  • Anonymous: Do you know of any companies that check for accessibility at the PR time?
  • Anonymous: Do you know any static tool for accessibility testing?

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Useful resources shared

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