Find accessibility issues in apps with tools - 30 Days of Tools, Bonus Sponsor Challenge

We’re back again with another bonus 30 Days of Tools challenge from our sponsor Mesmer. This challenge gets us looking at ways we can do accessibility testing on mobile apps with tools.

Find and post the ​screen with the most accessibility violations you’ve come across in your favorite app

  • What tools can help find accessibility issues? (Mesmer have a free trial that you can take advantage of)
  • What accessibility issues did you find?

Feel free to reply to this post and share wherever you like, on the MoT Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter using #30DaysOfTools, Racket, your blog, with your team and any place you feel might inspire yourself and others to do the same. Let’s learn from each other throughout October. Visit the 30 Days of Tools page and select the “Subscribe to Topic” button to receive each daily challenge direct to your inbox.

:point_right: Have you seen the amazing schedule and registered for Test.bash();?

It’s on October 28th, 10am-10pm UK time. Available with a Pro Subscription or you can purchase a ticket.


Before searching for a tool I would recommend first to understand the concept of Accessibility and for that have a look at this course

I did a small video that was also featured at test Bash about a chrome extension called Wave.

You can see a version of that video here

Have a look at both links and add your own to this thread because, from my point of view, testers need to have accessibility testing in their tool box and use it as often as possible.


On the Topic of Wave, it’s the accessibility tool I’ve used the most. The browser extension has really kept improving over the years, I’m no accessibility expert and a tool such as this one means a lot while testing for accessibility issues as it provides a very visual analysis of the accessibility for the site you’re checking.

The MoT Club seems to be quite accessible, with only a few errors for missing link text, few images without the alt attribute and some low contrast issues:

Surprisingly the web version is seems through than the browser extension:

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