Adaptability Quality Aspect - TestSphere Card

I’ve now made it a daily activity to pick a TestSphere card at random and write down a few thoughts and ideas. One card that was picked this week was the Adaptability Quality Aspect - Does your product support multiple browsers, operating systems, mobile phones and tablets?

Internet explorer has always been the most unpredictable browser, so testing on that browser was essential. But there was something that we didn’t consider until a particular defect was reported.

We once had a defect that we could not reproduce on any other device or browser. We eventually realized the person reporting the issue had private browsing mode enabled on his mobile phone.

Here is my full blog post for this card:


Thank you Louise. I am so glad I don’t work in a role that involves HTML and the job of browser functionality. Very nice blog post about what it means to your team and how they resolved.

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