Advice for testing data micro services?

The development team I am working with is currently building some data services which interact behind the scenes for the website functionality we are ultimately working to deliver.

Basically, I have a story where I want to test one service calling another and receiving an error from the second service when doing so - the story is concerned with the error handing process of the first service.

I am looking for a way to simulate this error response from the second service and from some research it looks like Soapui mockservices could provide what I am looking for. I think I should be able to create a mockservice in Soapui and set it up to return an error response when the first service attempts to call it?

However, I haven’t been able to source useful documentation helping me out with the how to do it. Tutorials I have found seem to be either very basic or overly technical (obviously written by / for devs).

Any ideas from a tester’s point of view would be most welcome - I am comfortable with a bit of coding but not very knowledgeable in the area.

There are several tools you can use to simulate a microservice returning errors, that require little or no coding experience.

Here is an introduction to the subject for software testers for HTTP mocking and service virtualization.

Have a look at this tool comparison, is has links to quick start guides. SoapUI MockServer is on that list as well.

If you are a Pro Subscriber, have have a look at this masterclass which will show you how to simulate error messages and this article.


Thanks for that - I will take a look at the links you have suggested. Unfortunately I am not a pro subscriber… I wonder if I could persuade my company to pick up the bill for it…??

I would drop @rosiesherry a message and ask what other people typically do in those situations. I do not see a reason why they would not do it, there is a lot of great content available so they have a good return on investment, and the price is very reasonable.

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I’d say most of Dojo subscriptions are actually paid by their companies. It’s a really small price to pay for all the learning available as you will get access to all the content.

Thanks - I will look into it.