Anyone have recommendations/reviews on "service virtualization" tools?

One of the products at the job I just started at technically shakes up like React/PHP, MySQL, Redis, and a few other assorted services (e.g. Salesforce, Paypal integrations), each run in their own container. PHP is where most of the (2-5 years old?) code lives, and maybe 30% of it is under test (via Cypress E2E tests) from what I was told.

My new teammates/leadership all realize this is a bottleneck, but they’re focused on features and don’t have bandwidth to spare on authoring more automation at any level (3 devs down from 5 from last year, for a ~100K LOC codebase).

They do however do a lot of manual testing, so I was trying to think of ways to autogenerate automated tests from this and service virtualization tools (e.g. WireMock, Traffic Parrot) that enable service-level “record and playback” came to mind (at least for the PHP piece of things)

However I have 0 experience with any of these tools and don’t have any idea what the obvious/subtle tradeoffs are between them, so I was hoping to learn from others’ experiences.


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Our teams use wiremock or Mountebank. Haven’t used them myself ( I had to write my own back when I was hands on as they didn’t exist).

But appear to work fine.

We are however pivoting towards for contract-testing will which provides it’s own mocking service.

I’d suggest you look into that option too as it adds back some safety that virtualization removes

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