API mocking tool

Hi there !

I am looking for a good API mocking tool. Here are some features that I need:

  1. Configuring resources and responses in runtime (via API or GUI)
  2. Has a Docker image


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In what context would you use this tool?
When I was automating at UI/API level, Cypress and Playwright both had this feature.
I think both should have a Docker image.

Manual testing, i need easy to use service for non developers (manual testers)

I use wiremock for that. It can be configured at startup and also at runtime via a REST API.

We have one wiremock instance running in a docker and our test applications connect to that. The mock redirects all calls to the real services. In my tests I can intercept replies and change them.


Thank you, will check

Yeah WireMock is my choice as well :smile:

My colleage often talks about this interesting tool called VCR
The tool records real API response and send them again when needed
It’s possible to rebase the responses when needed
They say it really helps lower the maintenance needed on mocks which can sometime become more complicated than the tests it supports.

Mockoon is quite easy to get started with https://mockoon.com/

I have used Postman and Swagger , it is easy to use.

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