The Power of Mocking APIs with Shivani Gaba

For our second session at TestBash Netherlands, we were joined by @shivani_gaba :grin: Shivani gave us a dive into all things mocking.

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And, if youโ€™re trying out the example application after the talk, share your results here :wink:

Access the Session at 11:00 AM here:

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When looking to mock an API, what are the key requirements that you look for in the framework that you are using?

Shivani - excellent talk!
Iโ€™ve many questions:

  • How did you learn about Wiremock?
  • Have you tried other mocking tools?
  • Has mocking ever caused more problems than solutions for you?
  • I may have missed it during the talk, but how do you keep your mocks up to date?

What would be some typical cases in which API stubbing isnโ€™t worth the effort of creating/maintaining it?

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