AI for Automation

(Trung) #1

I am researching about AI for Automation. Could you suggest a good AI Automation tool to practice or share any your knowledge about AI for Automation?

(Jack) #2

You may need to be a bit more specific. AI is a fairly ambiguous term, covering a large field of study. Marvin Minsky, defined AI as “the science of making machines do those things that would be considered intelligent if they were done by people.” So my solar powered calculator?

Automation too is abroad term. Automating checks? Fuzzing? Data processing? Infrastructure provisioning?

There are a number of providers claiming the use of AI in GUI test automation, but not sure if they are, if it makes a difference or is just hype and jumping on the AI bandwagon.

(Trung) #3

Thanks Jack
Do you have any interesting documents about technologies used in AI?

(Kumar) #4

Yeah. I have been doing a bit of exploration and found this to be good starting point to instil interest to dig deeper.

(Lisa) #5

It IS a big topic! I’ve been working as testing advocate for mabl since July. mabl uses machine learning for visual testing as well as identifying page load performance anomalies. The test scripting part of the product doesn’t use AI, though the plan is to explore that potential. I’d like to know what automation or monitoring challenges people have that they wish could be helped with AI or ML.

(Joe) #6

Hello @lisa.crispin!

Would you share the name of tool or tools you are using ?


(Lisa) #7

Same as the company name, mabl, is the URL. The heuristics they use for “training” the “journey” (test) are in some ways more fascinating to me than the ML parts of the tool! But it’s all super interesting. My job isn’t to sell mabl, though I think it can be a good solution for some teams, for some contexts. Though I can always arrange a demo with the people here who are good at explaining it! As I learn more about ML, I see interesting challenges both in testing an app that uses ML, and potential benefits using ML to help with testing. I’m finding it is taking me a long time to learn enough about it all.

(Andrea Schiffo) #8

Has anybody any material about this meetup here?

Should have been interesting as it should have described how they used AI to decide which ATs to run.