AI Testing: Where to Begin?

I’m currently looking into how to, or whether it would be useful to, begin implementing AI testing of our software. Can anyone recommend any good reading to help with this? It’s something I’d like to potentially learn to do myself (especially as it would give me a focused learning goal - I have a terrible tendency to start learning a language and, part way into it, get excited and start trying to learn something else). Any advice would be greatly appreciated (even if it’s to suggest I’m asking the wrong questions).


Do you want to test the AI parts of your project in isolation somehow, or do you want to use AI techniques to analyze risks of your product?

Either way, I would say that we would need more info about the problem your project tackle to better understand how to testing, and AI testing techniques, can fit into it.

E.g., one can use PSO in unit tests just for the sake of it - without being really necessary.

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This is pretty much my problem. I want to have a look into AI testing of our products, but don’t know where to start reading. I can’t elaborate, because I don’t know enough to ask the right questions.

Given that, the road is long.

You can research for general understanding of neural networks and evolutionary algorithms.

For instance, the latter can be used to optimize unit test inputs. The first can be used to analyze user behavior (test in production).

They are very flexible and powerful tools - the more you experiment and read about applications the better you will be in using them to solve problems.

But, in the end, they are just tools. Shooting “AI testing”, as it is for “Automation” and others, aimlessly into a project is certain failure.

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Thank you for your advice. Jumping on bandwagons and attempting to force things is exactly what I’m hoping to avoid.

We hosted a Masterclass on AI & Testing -

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Thank you. That’s my walk home listening sorted…

Hi, I have been working in the AI and Testing space for close to 2 years now. That being said, below are some resources I have found useful to learn about it and also have shared my ideas on this topic via blogs, articles and webinars as well (I am able to post only 2 links unfortunately here, if you want more info just contact me)

Hope this helps.

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Thank you. I see a long journey ahead of me (or whoever I can get to do it for me…)

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