Alternative holistic testing diagram


I recently used this diagram for a business article with the assistance of a very helpful designer, I usually use a variation of a DevOps diagram to convey one model of holistic testing but opted to do a new one in a sort of release cycle format. I’m fairly happy with it and perhaps its of interest to other testers.

Let me know what you think below.


Looks cool, Andrew.

I imagine seeing this on a website with interactive parts. As in, you could select each item and for each item it:

  • Describes what the item is
  • Shares why it’s important
  • Provides examples
  • Offers an exercise/activity to learn about it (could link to a challenge/activity on the site, for example)
  • Shares links to further reading/watching/listening
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Initially we had envisaged it like that, even though the article its from is aimed at a technical audience our marketing editors opted to with a simpler version of my original article that went a bit deeper into the thinking around it.

To be fair I had overloaded it a bit but I might come back to a version with purely an interactive diagram for those who want to dive a bit deeper.