Alternatives to job shadowing

Hi All,
I’m currently exploring a career change in to software testing. I have completed the MoT Essentials and now am working my way through the article on 30 things every new tester should learn.
There are some great resources out there but I would have loved to job shadow a tester. In the current COVID world where people are working remotely that’s no longer a simple option, at least not where I work.
Does anyone know of any resources that might give a sense of “a day in the life of a tester” that I can use as an alternative, or any other suggestions of how to get a similar experience to shadowing?
Thanks in advance


Some ways to experience a day in a tester’s life:

Note that these sources are focused on Exploratory Testing.
There are still companies/ organisations which use test cases. Possible reasons are:

  • quality system like ISO9001, which is used for defining test processes with test cases
  • test policy
  • Waterfall projects

On Youtube I could not find a video for making a compact test case within 15 minutes.


Thank you, these look really helpful. I appreciate your suggestions.

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There is also the possibility of looking at mentoring as well.

I recommend taking a look here

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Thanks! I’ll definitely look at that.

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