Looking for a mentor to help me get that real world perspective!

Hi All

I’m an aspiring tester at the start of my career change journey. I have primarily a PMO background, including some experience of IT projects delivered by both Agile and Waterfall methods. I started to explore alternative careers and having having undertaken elements of UAT in the past I had a particular draw towards testing. I’ve only become more interested the more I have learned.

I’m working through online materials and the ISTBQ syllabus but I appreciate this is entirely theoretical. It would be great if I could find a mentor who can support me with obtaining a real world perspective of testing.

I’m really enthusiastic and driven to make this change. My aim is to try and secure my first role in about 6 months from now.

I would love to hear from anyone who might be able to help either in reply on this thread, or email: lharney@outlook.com

Inspired by the MoT essentials I also have a blog: https://harneytester.wordpress.com which may help explain a bit more about me.

Thanks for reading. I’m happy to answer any questions.


I’m happy to help you ! I’ll send you an email :slight_smile: & I’ll read your blog in more detail.


Happy to help too. Can definitely point you in the right directions…


Thanks for the kind offers, I’ll definitely get in touch.

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Happy to help! I just saw this message. You can message me if you wish.

Best Regards.


Hi Louise

I’m happy to provide you with any guidance. I’d be interested to hear more about your experience and what type of tester you would like to be.

We are currently interviewing for a Jr Tester and its so refreshing to see such motivated and passionate people coming into profession.

All the best


Welcome to the testing world!
Happy to help. As you’ve had many offers, just let me know, :+1:

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Hi everyone. Thanks to everyone who has offered their support. I know now can be a busy time of year, even with what’s going on in the world, so I’ll reach out in 2021. I really appreciate the responses, many more than expected. Merry Christmas!


Hi Louise,

Wish you all the best with ISTQB, I sat it last November at home. Bit awkward with people looking at me through the webcam (you don’t see them). If it helps you to know, the real exam was easier than the practice exams for me. If you want, I may still have a few study materials lying around maybe? (if you’re doing ISTQB Foundation, that is). Hopefully I didn’t trash them.

People say this a lot already in the club, and I agree with this - ISTQB is a nice stamp to have on your CV but it all goes out the window after the exam. Real testing is mostly a self-taught adventure, there’s always stuff to learn but I can see that you’re driven to succeed! You already have a PMO background so you’re basically a tester’s next door neighbour.

I’m going to follow your blog and get ideas from it :slight_smile: Even though I’ve been a tester for 2+ years now, I need to improve my online presence and explore new opportunities.


Thanks ever so much for your kind words and suggestions :grinning:

Hi @lharney , How is it going so far? Did you find a mentor in the end?

Hi @mike_123, I did indeed. I was very grateful to everyone who offered support but @melissafisher became my mentor. She helped me with my development plan and my confidence, ultimately helping me secure my first job :blush:


Great to “hear” / read! @melissafisher is a great choice and you will do well - good luck and don’t hesitate to hop back on here if you ever need any other views/insights :slight_smile: