Looking for a mentor as I transit from software support to software Testing

Hi All,

I intend to become a software tester in the next 6 months or so. Currently, I work in the software support team and now looking to move into software testing as a next step up. I have undertaken a small amount of UAT and have basic knowledge of ReadyAPI. Like many industries, a foundation certification would probably help to get a foot in the door which is the ISTQB Foundation in this case.

In addition to the official syllabus, I’ve read majority of “Foundations of Software Testing ISTQB” book by Dorothy Graham, Rex Black, Erik van Veenendaal. I must say some topics in the book were overwhelming, too theoretical and too detailed. I appreciate ISTQB syllabus is entirely theoretical but I am not sure if I have achieved a lot from this book. I then purchased a course on Udemy, which proved to be average but gave me a good insight.

I am looking for a mentor who can help me by providing me with an outlook of the actual testing world as I believe that will help me to understand things better than relying completely on books or study materials.

I am committed to make this happen! I would appreciate any help, guidance or point in the right direction.

Thank you for your time, Happy Testing!


Hi Nilesh,
You are definitely showing initiative and reading a lot of material. I agree conceptually all those books will give you theoretical idea but on your first testing job they may not be as useful. Think of testing as what would a user do with the given web or mobile application. Testing is a lot about asking questions like “what if I do this?” or “what should happen when if some data is missing”.

Bottom line of testing is how can I break an app or website? Of course there are multiple layers of testing that require experience and knowledge about systems so it all depends on what you want to do. Gaining experience in testing is important as there is no college degree for testing that says you can be a good tester.


Hi @nbtesting! Welcome and good luck. I had a great response to my request for a mentor and am sure you will get the support you are looking for from this community.

@nbtesting Are you still looking? If yes, then I am more than happy to chat :slight_smile:

Hi Nilesh, happy to have a chat and see how I could help