Any experience with Quality Engineering or Testing Impact Assessments?

Hi folks, QE or Testing Impact Assessments are new to me and I don’t have a lot to go on. I do know you look at the proposed changes to software and systems and propose testing approaches.
What I don’t know is formatting, other areas, context etc.
This is what I have so far.
Context and Scope - explain the details of the assessment, what it covers etc.
Impact Analysis - Affected systems, proposed changes, additions and decommissions
Risks - what those changes may do to add or raise risks
Testing Strategy - Ideas and strategies for testing those changes
Time and People - Outline with rough estimates the time it might take and how many people might be involved.

I’d be grateful for any experiences with this, ideas on what to include, how to approach it etc. :pray:


Hi @adystokes - just found your question from last year and I am also interested in this topic.
So I comment to bringt up this topic again and maybe others in the meantime can help or give advice? :wink:


Janet Gregory and Selena Delesie wrote a couple of excellent books around assessing quality practices that may be useful

Assessing Quality Practices with QPAM
and A guide for facilitating Quality Assessments