Any Free Resources for Learning API Contract Testing?

As a QA engineer, Iโ€™m seeking recommendations from the community for free API contract testing learning resources, whether on LinkedIn, Udemy, webinars, or other platforms. My primary focus is on Python and Locust, so any resources related to these technologies would be greatly appreciated. Iโ€™m particularly interested in real-world scenarios of testing API specifications, the use of reporting tools, etc. Iโ€™ve discovered valuable tools like Schemathesis that enhance testing with OpenAPI specifications, and Iโ€™m specifically looking for training using these kinds of tools.

Your help and suggestions will play a significant role in enhancing my skill set.

Thank you!

One fresh resourse from @bas

And another one from TAU

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Bas Dijkstra is an excellent person to follow to learn about this stuff!