Learning API Testing. Whats the best way?

Hello all

Ive used Postman tool in the past a few years ago. And it looks like its changed a bit with the option of using a web version now. But you can still download the tool on a PC as well.
I remember there was good online resources built-in within Postman itself. I got a few options Iam looking at but, is the internal tutorial resources for Postman a good start? I have zero experience in using any API tool.

My second step is to look at some API open sources projects and get some hands on experience.

Does this sound like a good plan?


I’m assuming that you’re learning more about API testing for self development. Even if you have more specific goals in mind, your starting approach seems solid to me. Starting being the best plan in my opinion.

I’m a fan of tools like postman that make it easier to get going without too much prerequisites. Skimming through the Postman Docs, they look like a solid starting point.

When you get the basics, I think its worth exploring more complicated topics e.g. authentication, using programming languages, etc.

There’s lots of stuff online. The restful booker platform is one thats used alot. Related topic that has lots of other useful advice and links.

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Start here

Amber Race’s course on Test Automation U titled “Exploring Service APIs through Test Automation” is one of the best places to start with API testing anywhere on the web. Bonus, it’s free.

You can find it here:

While it uses Postman, it’s the concepts she introduces and the way she describes things from an API Testing point of view that is wroth it’s weight in gold, regardless of what tool you end up using.

Scripted API Test Automation (CI/CD)

When you are ready to move to automation of API testing beyond manual testing with Postman, depending on your programming knowledge you have some great choices:

Mocking Rest APIs for Testing

Once you get a bit further in REST API Automation, you will want to learn about Mocking API’s. Here there are lots of great tools to help you out:

Good luck

Good luck with your learning journey with REST API testing! Let us know how you get on. If you have more specific questions feel free to ask me.


@fullsnacktester’s answer above is epic, but the one thing I would add would be @katrinaclokie’s API testing pathway - http://katrinatester.blogspot.com/2015/09/api-web-services-microservices-testing.html?m=1


I believe this challenge is a great and playful way to understand API testing


Hey! I was just looking through this and noticed some of the articles are quite old. While I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, tech moves quite quickly so how relevant do you think they are? Does API testing move fast that some of those articles are now obsolete?

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Hey, you’re right, some are old, but the fundamentals of API testing remains the same, i guess it will be about picking the stuff that is still relevant. it will also depend how fast moving the tech stack in the organisation.

Some of my team found this useful last year, but with MoT courses and the other links above, there are probably more modern things to look into…


Restful Booker from @mwinteringham is also an excellent place to get some hands on experience!



Thanks all for the lovely responses. This is gonna keep me busy for a while.



Sounds good :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Still, I would like to suggest you explore more about the Postman tool because the use and demand of Postman API Testing are high as compare to others.

For a better resource to learn about API Testing, please visit here: Software Testing Blogs By Experience Testers | Testrig Technologies

And all the best for your next step :blush:

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Hi @mazza ,

There are a lot of tools out there. They all have their pro’s and cons. If you are looking to get an introduction to test automation there is a webinar coming up that you may want to join.

P.S. If you are looking for other tools check out Zerocode’s API testing tool :wink:
Here is the link to register for the Webinar:

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Hi! Recently Johanna South from the QA Connection put together a great guide and she links to even further resources to learn more: https://abstracta.us/blog/software-testing/api-testing-guide/