Learning Postman - Where to start? Ideas welcomed!


I’ve been running through a few videos on YouTube on learning Postman, but I feel that the structure of some of these videos are either far too detailed, or not detailed enough and more generic around API testing rather than using Postman in a pragmatic way.

Because I’m still learning, I sometimes have difficulty grasping abstract concepts, and so having a course with working examples that I can progress through is my preferred way of learning at the moment.

I’ve had a search on MoT for something specific to Postman, but it appears that those courses have been archived and are now inaccessible?

Does anyone have a good resource for this, or a guide of where they started their learning journey?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hey ,

A nice resource is Postman Beginner's Course - API Testing - YouTube

Or if that is too much to start with I believe Valentin has also videos on his channel.

I like his style, maybe it is ok for you as well Postman API tutorial for beginners - YouTube

If you want more than just Postman try the 30 Days of API testing here on the Ministry



There is a free course on Test automation University:


Thank you both for those brilliant suggestions! Valentin looks fantastic, I’ll be watching quite a lot of his videos :slight_smile: It looks like a perfect blend of both theory and hands on practical learning!

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I just started Postman using youtube video’s and I’ve setup my own project with my own assignment.

If you want some working examples; I’ve made an exercise myself that I give students after finishing a training as “homework”:

Imagine you’re a secretary of a Pet-Clinic. A client is calling and she wants to make an appointment.
Her Dragonfly is in need of surgery.

  • Create a new pet owner.
  • Add a new pet to that owner.
  • The pet is a dragonfly.
  • You can name the pet however you like.

The client says: Aaah! Stupid me, it was my other Dragonfly which needs surgery!

  • Update the pet name.
  • Find a vet which is specialized in “surgery” and make an appointment in the future.

At this point, the client her patience is running out and she doesn’t have faith in your pet clinic anymore.
She says: I’m leaving, according to GDPR you have to remove my data!
The lady on the phone asks you to delete the following data:

  • The appointment
  • The dragonflies details
  • The owners details

Create this flow in Postman so you can run this flow in the Collection Runner multiple times in a row.
Make sure to test accordingly. Give it a shot running it with Newman and let your tests run by Jenkins!

You are free to call the pet whatever you like.
The owner details (name, is your name) address details, make something up!



Pick an open API to play around with to learn Postman, like the Star Wars API or the RESTful Booker, since just watching a course and/or learning dry theory can be a bit abstract and, in my opinion, a bit boring. Also, if you’re just starting out I think Postman has some badges you can earn and put on your LinkedIn profile.

And just one more thing, if a concept of API, in general, is confusing, do a little research for what an API can be used - an example would be an online shop where front-end developers get data about the products from the backend via an API.


Thank you Kristof,
This is extremely helpful example and fun way to learn! It is so much easier to understand Postman when working with ‘‘real life’’ scenario.


Thank you Mirza for all helpful suggestions!
My ‘‘problem’’ with Postman is exactly what you described: it feels bit abstract.
I am really glad that now I have a few examples and resources I can use to make my learning more interesting! Really appreciate your help.