Struggling with learning how to understand API, specifically postman - It's worth assuming I'm BRAND NEW to it

So I’m currently not in a testing role - I got about a year under my belt of front end manual testing, and about 4 months of front end automation testing, but all of that feels like a lifetime ago, as a layoff and new troubleshooting role has not seen me do much real testing in over 6 months.

On occasion in my new role, I have to try to check postman for things, and frankly, unless it’s a call that’s already built out, and all I need to do is add the appropriate account numbers or what have you, I’m basically completely useless with this.

I’m wondering if there are some good tools to just get myself more engulfed with postman. I’ve watched a dozen videos and followed a couple guides, and even was able to successfully make a single reddit bot post, but nothing that would constitute me knowing what I’m doing.


First of all, I would celebrate the win that you have started to learn about APIs and testing them with Postman. :tada:

Feeling like you really understand something well takes time and practice, and it’s difficult to rush or accelerate this. To make things more enjoyable, it’s worth trying to break down what you actually want to learn into smaller parts, so you can see the progress.

Onto advice on learning, Postman is just one tool. It’s a good tool, but it won’t in and of itself help you master APIs. I would suggest you split your learning goals into learning more about APIs, why they are important and how to test them. From learn any one specific tool.

For learning Postman the tool, of you haven’t already seen them, the courses by @bethtestleadleeds is worth checking out.

You may also want some sites/APIs to play with and practice on. This page by Andrew Knight is great, and he also links to more lists at the bottom.

And, last but not least. If you are wanting to learn because you’re working with software they has an API, find a way to learn more and practice on that. Don’t wait until you feel you know APIs and testing well, give it a go sooner. And it available, get help from someone at work. Pairing on such tasks can be very valuable.

Good luck, and get in touch if you have any more specific questions. :tada:


To add to @fullsnacktester’s recommendations, I would also like to suggest Valentin Despa’s content. It’s extremely beginner-friendly, but goes into a lot of detail!

Here’s his most up-to-date intro video (25 minutes):

Here’s a playlist of many of his tutorials and (note that some of these are up to 5 years old):

Here’s a Crash course (4 years old):

And here’s some tips and tricks (3-4 years old):

And finally, he has a paid Udemy course:

(referral code is Valentin’s own, from his YouTube channel)


All of the Resouces provided are very good and really helpfull.
If you have time and want to do it one step at the time you can try and take the 30 days API challenge.
I did it a while ago and you learn one topic each day.