Any WeChat mini-program developer here? How did you tackle vulnerabilities?

As a QA engineer in WeTest, we recently used penetration testing to help a renowned client solve mini-program vulnerabilities, as they want to provide online shopping services on the Chinese WeChat platform. I’m thrilled to share our success story with you: Penetration testing case study

What our customer experienced:

  • :mag: Identified previously overlooked security vulnerabilities.
  • :mag: Strengthened our network and application security.
  • :mag: Gained insights from experienced professionals in the field.

I’d love to hear from you all:

  • Have you ever faced security challenges with your WeChat Mini-Program?
  • What strategies did you use to overcome these vulnerabilities?
  • Any tips or stories about working with penetration testing services like WeTest?

Let’s discuss and learn from each other’s experiences! :rocket:

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