Testing Challenge

I’m sorry if this has been posted before… but I came across this today:


Has anyone gotten all 18 bugs? :slightly_smiling_face:


I remember this. I think I reached 15 or 16 and couldn’t get the others :disappointed:

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Ah I am stuck on 14 :see_no_evil: would be great if there was an answer somewhere…

We were a group of 4 testers that together managed to get all 18 :slight_smile:


I am completely new to testing, been in the field 3 months. I am doing it as my placement year at Uni.

I got 12 out of the 18, any guidance on what i should be looking out for would be appreciated :grinning:

A hint could be… google “little bobby tables” if you haven’t already tested that one :grinning:


Their Udemy course has the answers, and the sample video goes throuigh Challenge 1 - https://www.udemy.com/course/solve-the-testing-challenges/

So by knowing how they got there, and not just a statement of “Basic SQL injection”, it also means if you were to get others to try it, you can offer them guidance.


Do not use automation tools.

First they don’t give you access to source code and Pull Requests, and then they write this. How is this a reflection of real day-to-day work?

And the real bugs is that the site does not have an SSL certificate, and that requests for favicon.ico detailsoverviewnow.css both return a 404 :stuck_out_tongue:

They also provide information in the page source on how to report bugs like missing assets. :slight_smile:

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Good eye, I missed that one. :slight_smile:


Here are the answers on testing challenge #1

I’m now stuck on the cross word puzzle (Testing Challenge #9)

Missing: “My purpose is to check if the application can function on different platforms”
Anyone wants to share their thoughts? :grin:

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19/18 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The 18 intended plus one 0 day security vulnerability that I shouldn’t disclose.
21 if you count the favicon and broken image reference.

Don’t feel bad if you missed some, like others indicated it’s more of treasure hunt than testing exercise. It’s hard to do these things right but some of the listed tests “average string” for example is a bit of stretch while many categories of security tests are missing.

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25/18 :wink: and I didn’t count the favicon nor broken image ref XD so there are 28? Just indeed some extra security vulnerabilities. Glad someone else noticed some of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Send them a mail ages ago about it and never heard of him :frowning:
EDIT: Make that 27/18 =P or 30 with favicon & broken image ref.