Anyone want to give me feedback on a security testing idea?

(Joe) #1

Hi! I am a product guy. I am working on some new ideas (no product yet) around security testing inside Devops pipelines. I envision a world where security testing can be easily added to any QA process - no waiting for results and no ongoing tuning or configuration – just fast, high quality findings. Of course, all of this integrated with your favorite ticket systems or CI/CD platforms :wink:

What challenges do you have with security testing today

I don’t have a product but I am looking for feedback, so if you have other ideas or want to provide some input, just reply here!

(Ady) #2

Hi Joe, our pipeline uses Team City and we have Veracode builds set up to run weekly. I also use Bug Magnet as part of day to day testing which has SQL injections.

Is that the sort of thing you are after?