Small video tips/ideas on Security Content?

So I’m trying to learn how to make video’s with education content and Security Testing is something I really enjoy doing. So I thought I might want to try and make some small content video’s (~7 min) about the topic but I want to make something that interests you guys also.

I have a few questions/suggestions/ideas for you. Feel free to answer/add/give feedback/make suggestions.

  • What are you guys looking for from the topic ‘security testing’?
  • What kind of content are you waiting for?
  • Would you like to know more about certain vulnerabilities?
  • How can a non-techie find vulnerabilities?

Hi, Kristof.

I think good educational videos on security testing can be:

  • which skills do you need to become a penetration tester
  • Kali Linux basic toolset overview with samples
  • which local or public website can be used to practice finding security vulnerabilities
  • what is bug bounty programs and how testers can benefit from them
  • OWASP top ten overviews with examples: 1 item from the list per video
  • OWASP mobile top ten
  • security / defensive coding standards and/or code scanners like FindBugs. And how to integrate it into a workflow
  • OWASP Zed Attack Proxy - basic usage and how to integrate it into the CICD pipeline
  • configuring security rules for pre-merge code scanners like SonarQube